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Dec 5, 2019

Joining us from Abu Dhabi, Nick Michie opens up about his decision to remove alcohol from his life. Nick explains that he felt alcohol was a much bigger part of his life than it needed to be. It was keeping him from being the type of father, husband, and all around person he was striving to be. He discusses the pitfalls he ran into as he tried various approaches to quit drinking as well as what has helped him immensely.

So, what does alcohol use have to do with meditation? Well, in meditation we are working with energy and consciousness. Alcohol dulls our energy, even when we are not directly under its influence in that moment. Think about how you feel the morning after drinking too much - you may not be drinking through the day but the alcohol is still influencing your being and very much impacting your energy. Drinking night after night - even moderately - continues to disturb your energy. Eliminating alcohol simply sharpens your energy, which allows you to get more out of your meditations.

00:00 Welcome Nick

03:00 Social life but it felt fake

04:00 Searching for a deeper life purpose begins

05:00 Transformation begins in Thailand

07:50 Was looking for book on mediation but found a meditating friend instead

08.40 Buddies vs Friendship

10:00 Feeling true connection with people and nature

12:00 Moving to Abu Dhabi

14:00 Years of big growth

15:00 How Nick found Ananda and Yoganandas teachings

18:00 Moving to costa rica

20:00 Nick’s online teachings with his business Two steps from Bliss

25:00 Nick shares why he gave up alcohol

26:30 Meditation makes you more sensitive to how you feel about people and things

28:00 Trying to stop drinking when everyone else around is drinking

29:00 What it is really like to go to an AA meeting

30:00 Alessandras journey with alcohol

32:00 Karas journey with alcohol

34:00 Does non-drinking make others or ourselves uncomfortable?

39:00 The biggest hurdle to stop drinking - the social norm

42:00 Leaving bad habits by implementing better ones

43:00 Nick shares how he transitioned away from drinking step by step

46:00 Nicks advice to anyone who wants to shift their relationship to drinking



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