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Apr 30, 2020

Jitendra Guindon, disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and monk in the Ananda spiritual community, takes us on his journey of following that inner call of his soul. This call brings him from college to surfing in New Zealand, from NYC, music and a movie career to monk hood and a dedication to share the transformational power of the yogic teachings.

In our conversation we also explore how those moments of great challenge and suffering can be a catalyst of change. Jitendra shares how he has experienced this truth in his own life as well as in the lives of the students he meets. Following that inner call and daring to take the next step can bring tremendous growth and ultimately bring us to the life we are truly meant to live.

Show notes:
0:20 Welcome Jitendra, Kara shares how we got to know each other

3:00 What brought you on the path?

4:00 Passion to become a clinical psychologist

5:20 Woke up one morning and felt “no this is not my life”

6:20 Realized had to make a big shift and renounced life as it had been to be free

6.45 Packed bag and surfing board and moved to New Zealand

9:00 Naturally starting to explore meditation and having meditative experiences through surfing

12:00 Nature's role in helping us understand who we truly are, a catalyst for a process of opening and trust to help the soul shine through and get to a present moment awareness

15:00 From surfing to being in a band playing music

18:00 Film making in music industry

20:00 Felt again “No this is not my life” and followed that call, left NYC

21.30 Got on the spiritual path through a catalyst which was one of the most difficult times but also one of the sweetest times

22:00 Reaching out for higher guidance

23:00 Found guidance in healing work with friend and shamanic healer Kelly Doyle

23:30 During the healing journey, read Autobiography of Yogi and found Ananda

25:00 Felt an ocean of love within that no one understood or could connect to, got on the spiritual path and that door opened

26:00 Life shifted from identifying as a surfer, musician, and filmmaker to give it all to the spiritual path and serving as yoga and meditation teacher

28:00 Took a vow to become a monk

28:50 Who is Swami Kriyananda?

31.00 Why did you become a monk?

33:00 Paramhansa Yoganada comes to America to share the teachings of the East and how through the practice of yoga we can realize our true selves

37:00 Our guides are always there

39:30 The online world of Ananda - a place to come together and support each other to grow, improve life and connect with our higher selves

50:00 The beauty of witnessing transformation though the online course of learning meditation and opening up to the next step in their life - a step they might have waited for in 40 years. 

53:00 Inviting change by taking the next step in life which invites more joy, more love and more peace

Thank you for listening!

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