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Oct 3, 2019

This is part two of connecting with Kelly Curry, yin yoga teacher and massage therapist, who shares her journey of inner work and a very recent experience of increased awareness and expansion of consciousness. Kelly discusses her awakening experience more fully, sharing the wisdom she has been able to harvest so far as she has been processing it all.

1:30 What is awakening?
2:15 Nothing is good or bad
2:35 Inner work/ healing through therapy
2:40 Triggered by other, a sign to look within
4:13 Trauma reaction, sitting with discomfort
5:10 Conditioning of codependency
6:09 Instead of pointing fingers -see it as medicine
6.30 All people are teachers
7:00 Healing childhood trauma through meditation
8:55 Healing movement of forgiveness
9:35 Control is an illusion
11:00 Forgiveness with heart vs mind
12:00 How healing led to awakening
13:20 Red pill or blue pill - new look at reality
14:15 Path of suffering to joy
16:00 Connection, the experience
18:20 No sense of time
20:00 Back to seeking
21:30 Things made sense
22:00 Creating a desire for the creator
23:00 Seeking comes by own choice
23:30 Devotion is first step towards higher awareness
26:30 How to relate to the experience
30:00 Change ourselves, change the world