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Sep 19, 2019

In this episode we continue Gita's Journey with meditation. In the previous episode, she shared how she felt her life was almost too easy and too good for her to need meditation on a regular basis. As it does, life then gave her a big road bump. This ultimately gave her the impetus she needed to commit to a daily meditation practice.

She also discusses how yogic tools and teachings have folded into her life as a parent. She shares how she now is sharing the tools of yoga with her kids, as well as how she manages to find the time while being a busy, present mother, consultant, and active member of her community.


Show notes:
1:00 How Gita's first road bump gave her the motivator to commit to meditation

3.45 Discipline through need and struggle

4:00 Parenting by leading as an example rather than teaching and preaching

8:30 Commitment has to come from your own free will

11:00 The gifts of daily practice - "Meditation is my drug"

15.45 How do you keep meditation as a central point as a busy working mum with family of two kids and husband?

17:44 Implement yogic practices with the children

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