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Sep 11, 2019

In this episode we connect with Gita Matlock, mother of two, a meditation coach and fund raising director. In Part One of our talk with Gita, we learn what it is was like for her to grow up in a spiritual community like Ananda.

0:17 Welcome Gita

2:10 What is Ananda? What is a spiritual community

4:10 The intention of living ina spiritual community

4:50 The fire that burned down the community and shaped it into what it is today

6:15 Ananda - a world wide movement of yogic living

7:20 What was it like to grow up there?

8:20 Allowed to me yourself and live with the imagination of a child

10:30 What was it like to face the "world" 

14:00 Gitas rebellious period

17:00 "Yogis are rebels"

19:20 When did you commit to meditation? 

20:00 Gitas journey to a committed meditation practice

Learn more about her here: