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Feb 6, 2020

What a joy it was to talk with Christine Eartheart, teacher to healers through her Joy Potential business, couples counselor through her Center for Thriving Relationships, facilitator of women's circles, Laughter Yoga leader, and indispensable asset to the clients she helps via a combination of counseling, coaching, mind-body techniques, and energy healing. Christine is the embodiment of joy, and her passion is helping others connect with the joy which is available to everyone using a variety of methods concerning their emotional, intellectual, energetic, and physical aspects.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode! We talk about how the brain can be wired toward happiness, how important it is to honor all feelings in order to keep the pathway to joy open, and the impact of the story we tell in our heads and finding what is underneath a surface emotion. Christine shares with us her powerful story of her study of her own life and the discovery of her truly unshakeable happiness as well as her continuous movement toward finding the lesson in the hardest challenges. We discuss the fascinating reality of how long an emotion truly lasts versus the effect of the lingering story we tell. She describes the roles of the reticular activating system, the negativity bias, entrainment, and mirror neurons. She shares with our listeners practical tips for shifting the inner story. She also talks about her path with reiki energetic healing.

Learn more about Christine's work on joy, energy healing, and Reiki here and Center for Thriving Relationships here.

Watch Christine's Tedx talk.