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Aug 29, 2019

What does healing mean? 

Science is now showing what yogic teachings have been stating for thousands of years: that deep down under what looks like solid matter we are all vibrating energy and empty space.

According to the yogic teachings, this vibrating energy takes the form of atoms, cells and tissues which in its turn creates the human body. But to understand healing through the yogic lens we must also recognize the three aspects of our being: body, mind and soul/the inner world. 

What happens when the movement of the energy within our body, mind and soul gets imbalanced? That is when we enter a state of disharmony - DIS-EASE - within ourselves.

Luckily enough, nature equipped us with just the right tool to heal ourselves: the ability to stop, relax and be absolutely still. When we do so, we allow the body to go into its parasymapthetic nervous system where the body automatically heals itself.

Just like sunny days need to be followed by rain, as the daylight is followed by night, so does our organism need rest and stillness after all the doing. This is what is called balance and that is what healing is, bringing us into a state of balance and harmony.

This topic is close to the heart for both of us as we so strongly believe in and have seen the power we all have to heal ourselves when we are open to receive help and set our will to do so.

Happy listening! 

Show notes:

00:50 What is healing?

2:00 Why do we need healing of body, mind and soul?

3:10 Nurturing our inner world/soul through stillness, healing through stillness

8:00 How meditation and stillness heals our nervous system

10:50 Right living as way of healing

14:20 Various paths of healing

16:30 The power of the healer - empower the client

18:00 Reasons to be careful about a healer

19:00 Research on healing prayers/ sending good thoughts to other

26:00 The importance of receptivity

28:00 Resistance meant need of healing - Alessandra shares her experience

32:00 Healing as an investment in yourself and your loved ones

33:50 Kara shares some of her healing journey

36:45 Karas healing retreat in spring of 2020

38:00 Summary on healing - what you can do

39:00 Practice of tens and relax to help with relaxation and letting go