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Aug 6, 2020

Cherie Mason, energy alignment specialist, joins from Sedona, AZ. Cherie has a unique ability to channel divine energy for healing people, spaces, and businesses. Her bright, intelligent, compassionate, radiating presence comes through loud and clear in this illuminating and empowering conversation. You'll be drawn in from the start, as she immediately channels energetic alignment for all listeners! The conversation carries an energetic healing energy - enjoy!

- How a horrific car accident in her native Australia turned her life upside down, and after many months of dealing with the massive internal injuries she intuitively learned to assist her body in its healing without medicine.

- Why do shifts in an individual's consciousness so often create stress on relationships?

- What are the keys to discovering the gift in difficult experiences?

- How her gift of recalibrating energy began to reveal itself over time.

- How is it possible to influence energy from past generations which have already left the Earth plane, but are still influencing their future generations who are living now (i.e. YOU!)?

- The importance of coming out of “story.” Be fully present with what IS, now.

I have personally had an energy session with Cherie, and I highly recommend getting in touch with her for an energetic alignment. Learn more about this beautiful soul here: