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Mar 17, 2022

Dr. T has been dubbed a "human engineer" for the work he does to facilitate healing within his clients. What makes his approach unique is the involvement of angels in his work.

In this episode you will hear Dr. T do an impromptu remote healing session on my children (in particular, my daughter), who were not present. I do not have any recent updates on her scoliosis, but I will say that she was unprecedentedly tired after he worked on her. She fell asleep twice in the car during short car trips, which is very unusual.

Other episode highlights:

  • Shares a near death experience at age 13, which was the first angelic experience he can remember.
  • His unintentional road to quantum healing modalities.
  • What are pathogens and impact does that have on our health, including mental health?
  • How does he use angels in his work?
  • Animal healing
  • The role of frequency and vibration
  • Listen to a live demo of Dr. T’s method as he works on my children’s scoliosis issues.
  • Health in relation to birth order
  • What about protection, when we are calling in “outside” forces?

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