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Jan 1, 2022

Iva Nasr grew up against the backdrop of wartime Beirut. Her childhood is weaved with stories of being nurtured by a loving family - buoyed by a supportive international community and exceptional education - and also contending with the very real, ever-present threat of violence as battles from the war erupted regularly around her. She shares the remarkable stories of experiencing the oneness of Creation, not only in spite of such a dramatic childhood, but perhaps even (at least partially) because of it. 

In this beautiful episode, Iva generously shares inspiring stories of mystical experiences close to her heart. We explore many topics in our time together:

  • The profound mystical experience in early childhood in a bomb sheltering wartime Beirut. 
  • Finding her voice as she integrated into living in the US.
  • Her work in North Carolina with Eustace Conway of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, The Last American Man, and the friendship which developed with Elizabeth through that.
  • The roles of Surrender and the Human Will, and how these work together and against each other in the path of destiny.
  • Creating your reality based on your choices.

Check out Iva's work here:

and read her beautifully inspiring book, From Rifles to Roses.