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Oct 17, 2019

It was a huge joy to meet Janesh Vaidya, ayurvedic practitioner who comes from a traditional, centuries-old lineage of an ayurveda family. He brings this ancient knowledge to the West to inspire and help people regain health and happiness in their lives.

Janesh is a sought after international lecturer, author of multiple books, and founder of the Vaidya Ayervedic Village in Kerala, India. In our talk, he discusses some important philosophy of ayurveda as well as practical ways listeners can begin implementing ayurveda practices into their own lives.

Learn more about Janesh here:

2:50 What is that you see that the West can learn from the East?
4:20 Sharing traditional Vaidya family knowledge

4.50 Know only 10 % of what his ancestors knew, changed his life
5:10 Ayurveda is a holistic life style
6:50 Lifestyle of healthier food and thoughts
8:00 Psychology of ayurveda
9: 00 Thoughts are food for the mind
10:30 How to deal with poisonous thoughts and cleanse the heart
14:00 Save your mind now, stop the negativity
17:00 How East and West can complement each other
18:30 Create a lifestyle to care for yourself and prevent illness, this is ayurveda
19.30 Fast paced society needs modern solutions
21.00 Reduce risk of illness by working with our minds to release stress
21.30 Yoga, meditation and clean food to live healthier and happier
22:30 Step-by-step changes
23:30 Where to start implementing ayurveda
23:50 Start by changing from within, give what you wish to receive
25:00 The boomerang of karma
26:00 Being more true to yourself
29:00 How to deal with resistance of people around us
29:30 Changing a human mind is not an easy journey
31:00 Be happy and rich without anything
34:45 Nothing is easy nothing is difficult, it is about how you think about it
37:00 Talking a language that people understand
38:00 Live in society and inspire through own life and actions
38:50 Janesh shares a yogic practice you can start using NOW to improve your health and life