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Feb 20, 2020

Traditional South African shaman, John Lockley, offers his wisdom and insights in this powerful episode. We open with John guiding a beautiful meditation. He then describes his background and call to be a sangoma (traditional South African shaman). He advises on how to listen and call on dreams as well as improving the listening capability via interaction with nature. We talk about embracing spirituality beyond "love and light" to enhance development, including accepting our shadow and vulnerability. He gives advice on tapping into the power of the natural world regardless of surroundings, connecting to ancestors and coming to peace with any shame connected to lineage, and expressing kindness to ourselves.

John is the author of the spellbinding book The Leopard Warrior, which gives a detailed account of his upbringing as a white, middle class youth in South Africa during apartheid, his time as an army medic, the call to shamanism, his ten year apprenticeship with a Xhosa medicine woman, the years spent immersing himself in his maternal homeland of Ireland, and so much more.

John has also created meditations and shamanic practices in the form of his audio teachings, The Way of the Leopard.

John's book, The Leopard Warrior, and audio teachings, The Way of the Leopard (both produced by Sounds True), can be purchased via his home page