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Mar 21, 2019

Living a balanced life is so much more than starting to meditate. The path of yoga offers a whole lifestyle with many components to attend to daily if we want to feel ourselves living in a harmonious flow.

Even though we try to balance up all the theory with some real life stories and practical advice, we thought it would be helpful to do regular check ups on ourselves from time to time. In this way we honestly share how we are doing with our own meditation practice, discussing challenges that show up in life and how we try to overcome them guided by the teachings and tools of yoga science.

In this check up we touch on the importance of relaxation as well as the challenge to meditate when the mind is busy planning and creating. Then we take a look at the need for introspection or journaling when we want to grow in new directions in life or become a different and hopefully better version of ourselves. Finally we discuss how living aligned with, or walking towards, our inner dreams helps us feel much more at ease in life.