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Jan 30, 2020

It is with great joy that we connect for a second time with Michael Massey. As mentioned in the episode "Submitting to the Call of Downtime," we are honored to share that Michael will be a regularly featured guest.

In his second appearance, Michael shares details about his amazing walking journey through the Big Island of Hawaii. He talks about the importance of embarking with trust and openness - sans ID and with little money - in order to truly allow the universe to support his needs. This approach yielded miraculous results.

In addition to learning about his powerful time in Hawaii, we discuss connecting to Source via fire. Michael explains how it is possible to dissolve the veils of separateness until oneness is perceived, experiencing fire as a conscious entity, and allowing it to clear negativity from the auric field. He gives practical advice for listeners to accelerate their spiritual progression using fire.

In this episode we also explore shedding the personality and ego structures, the uniting Truth of all versus varying belief systems, the heart field being bigger than the mind, and how stories from other realms enter our realm as fantasy. Alessandra shares her taking of a spiritual name. We also discuss experiencing the ego as the child of the soul rather than attempting ego destruction.