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Oct 1, 2020

Michael joins us from Devils Tower, Wyoming for an important conversation about the natural highs and lows of interaction with the divine. If one experiences a glimpse of the divine via meditation, a near death experience, a kundalini surge, etc, there can be a real sense of loss in the inevitable come down that follows. Additionally, we discuss other fascinating stories and little-known facts about consciousness, such as:

  • Energetic change in the atmosphere at about 8,000 feet, and what this means to consciousness.
  • How the change in experiencing consciousness while above 8,000 feet parallels elevating our vibration in meditation as we get into a higher level of consciousness.
  • The importance of resolving fear, and the very practical and inspiring reason to do so.
  • The heart’s role in raising our consciousness.
  • The natural come-down after a peak spiritual experience, and the difficult emotions which can follow.