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Mar 18, 2020

Michael Massey joins us to further our discussion on the coronavirus. We have entered a new world since the last recording where we discussed the pandemic, which was officially recorded less than one week ago but feels like years ago considering the rapid rate at which things have changed, from major financial lows to travel restrictions to schools closing to professional sports across the globe grinding to a halt and so much more.

In this episode, Michael offers a lens into how powerful our thoughts are to shape our reality. We conclude with a meditation to connect with the planet.

  • Fears about how far this will impact life as we know it.
  • Reclaim imagination and return to beauty.
  • We always have a choice to bring the light no matter how dark the times are.
  • The collective approach of positivity and the potential to wash away fear.
  • We create our own reality - how this works on individual and collective levels.
  • Living in co-creative reality, accepting our role in the creation of this reality.
  • How to influence future reality.
  • How meditation amplifies the influence of future reality. Throwing more weight behind the thoughts and intentions via meditation.