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Mar 12, 2020

Michael Massey joins us for a special episode where we discuss the current state of the world in terms of the coronavirus. He suggests that the true pandemic is the spread of fear. We discuss the societal reaction to each other, the suspicion, separation, and attitude of self-preservation. He ponders if events such as this are a litmus test for humanity's consciousness level. We explore whether a hug is in fact a risk or an antidote, and the impact of fear on our vitality. We examine the risk of staying in fight-or-flight and how the media is perpetuating us to remain in this state. We touch on the practice of mindfulness and how that can be a practical weapon to fight fear and how we can look to the masters of the ages and emulate their behavior. Michael offers that events like what the coronavirus pandemic are actually surfacing larger subconscious fears, and how helpful it can be to identify with oneself as a soul to work through the fear of death and loss. He talks about using faith to keep us from living in a perpetual state of fear and gives a powerful example of his own brush with death in this regard.