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Apr 2, 2020

It was with great joy and curiosity that we dove into the topic of personality constructs in this talk with Michael Massey. We picked up a thread from our previous discussion with him (Modern Mysticism with Michael - Trauma, Pain, Empathy, and Compassion) where we had touched on behavior traits and subconscious patterns. Michael talks to us about meditation as a deprogramming process. We discuss the appeal and ultimate detriment of having an "easy button" to life, and how something becoming easy takes a great deal of perseverance. We contemplate the incredible difficulty level of the human experience, and how much harder we make it if we think it is supposed to be easy. We delve into the practical application of dropping unwanted tendencies out of our energetic fields. We share how important spiritual community is in navigating all of life's challenges, and Michael describes the spiritual community trifecta.