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Sep 3, 2020

Michael Massey shares his wisdom on the topic of role models on our spiritual journey and how to most effectively make use of our human being-ness. Be sure you listen through to the end as he reveals a special role those with autism have on the planet.

- For what reasons do we need to be conscientious about emulating others in our quest for divine union?
- How do we interact and impact the “field,” locally and planetarily, and how can we be more efficient in doing so?
- How do we align ourselves with our gifts to achieve our own personal purpose while also contributing our highest within the collective?
- How does the vibration of the unified field impact what types of experiences or events are possible on the planet? VERY, VERY POWERFUL!
- What impact does unified meditation among several people have on the planet, humanity, and all living things here?
- Are there any practical exercises we can do to help us cultivate love within us? (Spoiler: YES!)
- What hugely valuable role are non-verbal autistic people contributing to the unified field in harmonizing discordant thoughts?

Unite your energy with others in meditation to amplify your experience and positively transform the unified field:

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