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Nov 26, 2020

It was a delight to connect with Ben Decker to discuss his latest book, Modern Spirituality: A Guide to the Heart of Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Art of Healing. Ben is the author of several books, including Practical Meditation for Beginners. He is a social activist, meditation teacher, energy worker, and entrepreneur.

We had a great time connecting on the topic of meditation and spirituality. Ben draws on many traditions and cultures to both add fullness and accessibility to building or deepening your spiritual path. In this episode we cover a lot of ground, including:

- How can we begin to reframe our relationship with a higher power to cut down the barriers we have built up over our lifetime?

- How can we take something as routine as a daily shower and utilize it for our spiritual growth?

- How can we use life’s challenges as initiations?

- How can we use the process of healing the physical wounds to help us process and move through healing of psychological wounds?