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Oct 22, 2020

As owner of DNK Presents and Soulful Trail, Danielle Wolter Nolan and her wife, Kate, have organized and guided hundreds of people on adventures in the wild across America. She focuses on using nature to help individuals and groups build confidence and empowerment through adventure experiences. She is a a yoga instructor, reiki master, mountain bike instructor, and Thai Massage therapist. In this conversation we discuss:

- How nature and being in the unknown positively impact the brain and our being.
- Doing new things in a supportive environment, such as going on an adventure tour, then prepares us for doing more new things in our everyday life that we may not have considered had we not broken through our own barriers out in nature.
- The crossroads of nature and meditation as paths to deeper connection within.
- The importance of seeing ourselves AS ourselves - not in relation to everything else (beyond being a parent, partner, someone’s child etc).
- The benefit of engaging with Higher Self in a variety of ways and including the body if you are only ever connecting via meditation.

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