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Apr 16, 2020

We were delighted to have the recommendation of listener Bolaji to point us in the direction of Samantha Elisabeth. Being adopted three times by the young age of 5 years old, Samantha believed she was the most unlovable child in the world. Her experiences have included physical and emotional abuse, neglect, and molestation, leading her down a life path of extremely self-destructive behaviors. This destruction ultimately manifested as kidney disease, liver disease, depression, extreme anxiety, fearing God, homelessness, morbid obesity, judgement, anger, physical abuse, addictions, multiple rapes, and many other adversities.

She ultimately saw the need to overcome her life experiences by digging into her behavior patterns. Tracking those patterns helped her gain a greater understanding about life and spirituality. She currently accepts all of her life experiences as gifts. She believes that God gave her these experiences to allow a heightened awareness in herself, others, and her surroundings.

In our time with Samantha Elisabeth, we explore many topics:

  • Her start to life taught her how not to love, and the how priceless those lessons are.
  • Understanding that her lifetime is for learning to love to grow spiritually.
  • Adversity is a learning tool, and there are gifts in the challenges. One's learning is limited when experienced through others.
  • Her intuitive approach to energy healing.
  • Her journey to happiness.
  • Helping others can only truly come through working on yourself.
  • Tracks her healing journey through various geographies and modalities, ultimately leading her to herself.
  • Co-dependence vs empowerment regarding healing.
  • Consciousness flows through everything - animals, plants, water.

Samantha is a successful Social Media Influencer, an International Keynote Speaker, Clair Cognizant, Intuitive
Healer, and Positivity Guide. She guides people to have a greater perspective of their lives and aids in eliminating and
reprogramming self-sabotaging mindsets that stem from adverse life experiences. Her Soul Purpose is to raise the
vibration of the planet by helping others understand the importance of self love, positivity and compassionate self-
commitment to gain and maintain success.