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Oct 31, 2019

Samantha Doyle has had an amazing - you could even say miraculous - healing transformation through yoga and ayurveda. She shares openly with us the story of her troubled start to life, culminating in an eating disorder and other mental and physical challenges, including infertility. Listen in as she discusses overcoming a deck seemingly stacked against her through sheer perseverance and the application of yogic and ayurvedic practices, and the amazing results she has experienced. It is truly amazing and inspiring to consider what fate seemed to have in store for her as a young adult and where she is today - a very healthy, successful entrepreneur. And yes! A mother.


0:30 Who is Sami, a brief background story

3:40 Sami takes us on her transformational journey

4:40 Yoga as a way to embrace in the western society

5:10 Yoga is not what you see on social media

5:45 Rocky teenage life - the power of the mind in a negative way

7:45 Wherever we go we have ourselves - need for inner work

8.45 Eating disorder

9 :40 Opening the door of yogic transformation

13:00 Breakdown leads to the breakthrough

14:30 “You will never recover”

16:30 “You will never have children”

19:30 Looking for answers and healing

19:50 Yoga and meditation created awareness that led to healing

23:00 Mantra meditation as a way to transform heart and mind

27:30 Travelling alone - Looking for answers in India


Sami's website: