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Apr 4, 2019

We all have our own personal life challenges presented to us in one form or another, which can create quite a scary & lonely path without either support or tools. In this episode we meet Rachel Lamb, diagnosed with type one diabetes as an eighteen year old.

Since type one diabetes is a very serious chronic auto-immune disease, it can result in critical health issues if misdiagnosed or not treated properly. This is what Rachel had to experience as a young teenage girl, which brought her on a journey looking for answers and clues to support her on this new, unexpected twist of fate. Rather than letting her diagnosis bring her to her knees, she turned her challenges into greater understanding and also an opportunity to help others going through similar things.

This episode revolves a lot around how responsibility without guilt or blame is such an important key if we want to heal or free ourselves from unhealthy patterns of the past. We also discuss and look into topics such as family patterns, what they are and how we can work with them in a harmonious way.

Due to a few minor connection issues (after all we were connecting from all over the world!) the sound breaks intermittently, which we apologize for, but it is still well worth tuning in!