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Oct 8, 2020

Kalidas Hansen is a vedic astrologist who lives in California. He is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and lives in the spiritual community of Ananda with his wife and son. In this discussion we take a look at the state of the world from the view of vedic astrology, and see what the stars and planets tell us about the challenges we are facing in these times.

  • What is vedic astrology?
  • How do things like our responses to life’s challenges, self-mastery, and strength of faith influence what we inherit astrologically?
  • The importance of Saturn in an individual’s astrological chart, as well as the impact Saturn has on the planet as it moves through the zodiac.
  • How vedic astrology explains all of the turmoil in recent months in the United States, and what it points to for the future of the country.
  • How does a chart work with karma to give you the perfect plan to work through the lessons you are here to learn?
  • How are the systems of media and medicine playing out in these times, for instance through mandates?
  • Astrology as a tool of empowerment and liberation, rather than a binding future fate.