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Apr 23, 2020

We were so happy to connect with Jasper Sogaard for this fun and enriching episode. Jasper is a clairvoyant, spiritual counselor, and healer in Denmark, and he talks us through how to make the most of the gifts of psychics to purposefully progress us along our spiritual path.

  • Jasper talks about how clairvoyance has presented itself in his life from a young age, including a point where he decided to turn off the ability.
  • The importance of getting training so the practitioner can learn to control the energies.
  • Being psychic does not equal being enlightened.
  • How fixed is the future, and do we have the ability to change what is predicted through a clairvoyant reading?
  • Humanity is entering a new age of psychic awareness, focusing on soul development.
  • Are strong emotions such as anger to be denied in our spiritual life?

Jasper offers readings via Zoom, Skype, etc.