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Jan 23, 2020

Joining from Ananda Village in northern California, Sagar Shenvi talks us through his journey to becoming a monk in the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda. Born and raised in India, Sagar grew up amongst Yogananda devotees. After studying engineering extensively at the post-graduate level, he renounced worldly ambition eight years ago and became a monk.

On January 29, Sagar launches the course The Yoga of Jesus through In our discussion, he talks about Yogananda's clarifications of Jesus' teachings which set the foundation of his course. We clarify the true definition of "yoga" beyond the physical exercise with which it is often associated, relate the sleeping state to one's true spiritual nature, explore the deteriorating quality of everything (including the truth of a message) and the limitation of one's understanding based on the consciousness of the teacher, highlight the role of great saints in expressing spiritual truths in a way which is relevant to the age, appreciate the many pathways to God, and illuminate the various ways Ananda can support your spiritual growth.

The Yoga of Jesus course page: