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Nov 7, 2019

We continue our discussion with Samantha Doyle, personal, business, and ayurvedic coach, who experienced miraculous transformation through yoga and ayurvedic practices. She completely turned her life around from a lost soul with a body which was so out-of-whack she was told she would never have children and a mind which was on a downward spiral. Join us as she takes us by the hand back through her journey, where we get to learn right along with her the powerful insights she was able to garner through her experience.

00:00 How Sami used her challenges as stepping stones for her success and transformation

02:45 Rehab shaped her journey and business - feeling gratitude for it

03:15 Lightning bulb - “you have to heal”

04:45 Use life in a better way - serve instead of wasting time

06:00 Intensity of doing the inne work

06:30 Made impossible possible

07:20 Understanding emotions, feeling and mind

08:30 Use insights from experiences to help other

09:30 Living a balanced lifestyle without any money

10:00 Life transforms

12:00 Getting pregnant even though told she could never get pregnant

15:30 Working with Sami - education on how to balance body-mind-spirit and heal your life situation

17:30 Yoga and Ayurveda helps transform lives

19:00 Alessandra and Kara shares their experience of being coached by Sami - why having a coach and therapist is such a blessing and well worth investment

22:00 Design your business around who you are and how you want to live your life

26:00 The shift from feeling broken to service

30:00 How mode of goodness lifestyle can change your life

31:50 The influence of nature on the mind and body

36:00 Agitation of getting the next rush creates dissatisfaction

38:00 Mode of goodness is a platform that helps us go deeper spiritually

40.00 What it feels like to live in mode of goodness

42:00 Sami offers free gift to anyone who contacts her!


Contact Sami here to find out more or to receive the gift she offered: