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Nov 15, 2020

In this very special episode, Kara is joined by Michael Massey to talk with two very special guests who are expressions of one divine ray, Sananda and Shekinah Kryst. They are two incredible souls who are united in a divine consciousness. They are here at this time on Earth in service as expressions of love. This episode is absolutely soaked in wisdom and high vibration. Enjoy it multiple times and allow it to sink into your being to assist in your expansion.
- They talk about their beautiful unification as the TwinRay in Egypt and explain what TwinRay is. What is the difference between a twin ray and a twin flame.
- How do we honor our differences while the Truth is we are one?
- What is the most appropriate, highest response to witnessing hatred?
- What is the light quotient, and how is the light quotient of humanity tracking?
- What will be the impact of the cosmic plasmic discharges heading toward the earth in terms of the awakening of humanity?
- What do they see regarding the magnetic poles shifting on the planet?
- Huge, exciting prospects for December 2020 and beyond relating to galactic activity causing massive changes on Earth.
- New Category 5 gridlines have appeared on the planet since 2017!
- They have created tools to assist humanity in cultivating the lightbody in depth to prepare for the changes which are coming.
- What can be the implication of the energy surge coming to the planet if one does not do preparation work?
- How do they experience the manifestation of Elohim?

Content of their 11-11 broadcast: