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Mar 7, 2019

Is there an area in your life where you want to see a change? Do you have envision things for yourself that you want to bring out into the light and see them grow into your reality?

Many successful people use not only meditation but also the powerful tools of visualization and affirmation to lead a life aligned with their dreams. 

If you have a headache, you know which pill will ease your pain. If you get a bad cough you know that cough syrup might take your discomfort away. Similarly it is with our thoughts, emotions and inner beliefs: if we know what we "lack" we can change that by feeding our minds with the opposite energy or perception.

We both use affirmations and visualizations very often ourselves and share some ways it has helped us grow closer to our dreams. Tune in  as we explain what these tools actually are, why they work and also how to use them.