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Apr 9, 2020

We were so inspired by this beautiful talk with Kristin Silberstein on her journey of healing from cancer. Kristin is currently battling breast cancer for the second time. She talks about how it was so important to her in the beginning to try to identify the why behind her diagnosis, and weighing the numerous approaches, both medicinally and via changes in lifestyle. She shares the added nuance of dealing with the judgements of others regarding her chosen approach.
Kristin talks about the role meditation has played in and out of her healing journey. She shares the active measures she has taken to try to manage stress and stay focused on what is truly important to her. She shares details about the specific approach she has taken to combine traditional Western approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation with Eastern approaches such as acupuncture and cupping. She also shares home remedies such as sun water and grounding which she has found valuable.