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Jun 27, 2019

It is time for another check up, to see how we keep up with our own practices and how we deal with the challenges that come up in everyday life.

This episode revolves very much around the summer time and how that easily kicks us out of routine, especially when it comes to self care practices such as meditation. Spending more time socializing and engaging in travels means the summer can be just as exhausting as it is wonderful.

We talk about long meditations as a remedy to this. Just like a deep cleanse might be needed after neglecting the cleanliness of the house for a while, the same thing applies to our inner world.

Then we explore parenting as way to implement the tools of yoga. Meditation and yoga practices are in fact not meant to take over your life as another stress factor. Rather it is meant to nurture us so that we can use all that extra energy and inner strength in our everyday life.

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