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Supplemental Info from Mara Lindberg

Dec 6, 2020

Mara Lindbergh , LMP,CST 
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Preparing for birth
Birthing From Within
Doulas are trained birthing assistants for any type of birth. They are advocates and work with the parents for the outcomes and support hey need. There are also post delivery doulas to help at home in the first weeks. 
La Leche League international 
Breast feeding, lactation consulting
Find a lactation consultant or breastfeeding educator 
CranioSacral Therapy 
To find a therapist and for more information here are some of Mara's teachers and respected colleagues:

Carol Grey - retired midwife , LMP, CST, yoga teacher, creator of Momma Space Yoga.  
Trains therapists 
Practitioner directory available 
Allison Hazelbaker , PHD, IBCLC, CST,  RCST 
Lactation consultant, researcher and Craniosacral therapist. 
Trains those who treat babies.
Tongue tie specialist 
Etienne  Peirsman 
Teacher, therapist, author,  lecturer
Practitioner directory 
Baby specialty focus
Michael Shea, PHD, CST 
Biodynamic CST - trains therapists
Author, speaker, educator, and therapist 
Hugh Milne, CST
Practitioners guide 
Upledger Institute is widely known, world-recognized for bringing CST to a broad range of healthcare professionals 
Practitioner directory 
Dr . Viola Frymann DO 
Works with children and trains other doctors in osteopathy. Her center in San Diego is world renowned.
French DO - Bruno Ducoux